Geckodrive G251 (2 off)

Had these lying around gathering dust for some time now, and currently have no plans for them. They're still in the original packaging they came in, and have only ever been taken out to admire just how small they are.

Details from Geckodrives website are-

The G251 is one of Geckodrive's newest low-price, high-quality step motor drives. The G250 is produced using brand new techniques allowing it to be sold for very low prices in volume while maintaining excellent quality. This is in essence a miniaturized version of the G201 complete with a heatsink plate and 3.5mm 12 position connector.

  • 3.5A 50VDC maximum
  • Digitally filtered STEP, DIRECTION and DISABLE inputs
  • 3.3V and 5V logic compatible inputs
  • 300 kHz maximum step pulse frequency
  • Top settable Adjust trimpot
  • Power LED indicator
  • No user settable jumpers
  • 20 kHz switching frequency
  • Mid-band resonance compensated
  • Microstep to full step morphing at higher speeds
  • Small size
  • Four layer PCB
  • Discrete all N-channel MOSFET full bridge design
  • 14A rated power MOSFETs
  • 3.5mm 12 position connector with screw type terminal
They currently cost $69 each (unless you're buying more than 12), which at the current exchange rate is just over 40 each, before you add shipping/import duty/vat.

Ideally looking for 70-80 for them posted, but am open to offers.