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  1. Tim, If you drop the bits (as per above photo) over to me, I'll have ago at making something when I get the chance. (Stansted's about 40mins away from here )

    I'll send an email with my address etc.


  2. OK Tim, I've the bits arrived yesterday.

    I've made a new nut that will thread onto the shaft and lock to the existing 'top-hat' (which is how the original design worked) The new nut has a stub to hold the handle. It all seems to work OK.

    ATM I'm casting around to see if I can find anyone a 1/4" LH tap so I can screw into the shaft to lock it all (shaft, top-hat, lock-nut and handle) together (I don't much like the idea of grub screws biting into threads)


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    Thanks Bill,
    Really lloking forward to getting it back and actually being able to do something on the lathe.

    Let me know when its ready and I'll send the postage costs to you.



  5. I could not find anyone locally with a LH tap, so I've just added a couple of grub screws. It has since occurred to me that the LH lock screw would have only stopped the nut unscrewing whereas it really does need to be locked both ways.

    Anyway Tim, it's packed up ready to send (3kg). I need you postal address.


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    Hi Bill,
    I've re-assembled the crosslide this afternoon and it works brilliantly! Thank you so much for sorting that out for me and making the lathe usable. I was really considering having to sell it for scrap till I came here, but now I have the machine to do some nice work on, just got to work on the ability!

    Best Regards


  7. Glad to hear it's all up and running :)

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    Hi Tim, I'm a brand new member and this is my first post! I have a Kerry lathe and wondered if you resolved the problem with yours - if I can help, please let me know.
    Also, I'm looking for a manual for mine - I'd happily pay you for a photocopy & P&P of yours if its available.
    I've had my machine for over 10 years and simply got by, but it would be nice to see what I should have been doing! I too had a number of Stationary engines, but sold all bar one when we moved house 5 years ago - they take up a lot of space and are blooming heavy!

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    Thanks Joe, PM sent.

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