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    I think the cold drawn steel will help a lot with stiffening up the bed as well if it is well thought out. I am hoping to build it once and use it lots so I think over engineering now rather than a catch up job later will serve me well. are you using the 6 runners on a block style or a different version Tom? Have you used them on all of the axis as well?
    The rails were actually surprisingly floppy. The X are 50x6mm section. Y are ~30x6. The Z plate is 210 x 125 x 6. I think I've got Y and Z steel left over if you're interetsted - you're welcome to some / all of it for cost + postage (minus a bit because it's going no-where at the moment!).

    There are some pics attached to give you more of a flavour of what I did...
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    Ah good stuff Tom I need to go visit my local steelholder they are a good set of guys so hopefully they will be able to source me some. If not though I shall take that spare stuff you have and add it to the parts collection :)

    These are the linear carriages I am looking at, they are finelineautomation ones and are a nice compact simple unit. I need to change the hole arrangement around to get them to bolt up to my aluminium extrusion for the gantry mount I am thinking of one rolling on the top and another rolling on the bottom of a sheet of CDS or possibly along a sheet of oilon plastic I need to check the rigidity of it but it is a self lubricating HDPE plastic. that should give me a rock solid gantry and hoefully belt driven should be able to shift it's weight around quite rapidly.

  3. Don't know if you already contacted us and this is not really advertising but 80-20 is a US designed aluminium profile system. You would be better off with a UK system such as ours which will be "properly" metric.
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    Hi Frank,

    I did, I called the other day not sure if it was yourself I spoke to. I will be pricing it all up to see if I make the minimum order value and then getting some bits ordered up :) is there a metric profile that matches the 8020 spacing wise so I can use some of the stuff the American guys are making?

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    I plan on using the fineline carriages too, just waiting on mate machining the blanks for me. In general i'm planning a similar build using belt drive and 8020 or similar, so will be interested in following your progress.

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