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  1. i must be easily impressed then ;)

  2. That shitty code someone did for me.... ;)

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    Not bad.......

    But can I borrow your cordless drill, got a lot of holes to tap and it might come in handy....

  4. Lol not after the stories that Johns told me :whistling:

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    Talking about borrowing things, my mate came round tonight to do a couple of emails as his PC has packed up, he went home with a laptop, 4 cans of beer and a bike.

    I think me and John may have something in common about letting people borrow stuff that we will never see again..!

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    Four cans of beer ??????????????????????

    All I get is a half eaten pack of hob nobs..........................
    John S -

  7. Lol well that's better than a kick in the bollox

  8. Had a little spare time so i thought i would give this file a whirl that John S sent to me.

    Didn't turn out too bad.. what you guys think?

    I know i know i should of left abit more room around the edges.. ah well maybe next time

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  9. Well the time has come to finally stop killing my lungs when i do any machining jobs on the cnc. so i pulled my finger out and designed a dust extraction system and i must say it works perfect! no brushes or the like to get in the way. and no mess left behind! ill post a vid on you tube in a moment of it in action.

    What ya all think lads!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by AdCNC View Post
    What ya all think lads!!

    John S -

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