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    Anyone upgrading? I'm looking for a Sieg C3 Mini Lathe, preferably with tools & accessories. Cash waiting for a mint and sensibly priced unit. North of England preferred (collection). Contact dmartyn at talktalk.net

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    I have one, that i have only used once, but found it too small.
    Contact me if you are interested.

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    Thanks for your quick reply Gary, but buying S/H I would prefer to see what I am getting and Bournmouth is really too far to travel.

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    I am lookingfor a SIEG C3 mini lathe or an EMCO or similar hobbyist lathe.
    I am also looking for a SIEG X3 or similar (EMCO, TAIG...).
    I live in Southampton, so anything within 2-3 hours drive is OK.

    If you are upgrading or want to make some room, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

  5. Gary above may still have his for sale.

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    Thanks for the replies guys; I'm fixed up now.

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