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    Anyone upgrading? I'm looking for a Sieg C3 Mini Lathe, preferably with tools & accessories. Cash waiting for a mint and sensibly priced unit. North of England preferred (collection). Contact dmartyn at talktalk.net

  2. I have one, that i have only used once, but found it too small.
    Contact me if you are interested.

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    Thanks for your quick reply Gary, but buying S/H I would prefer to see what I am getting and Bournmouth is really too far to travel.

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    I am lookingfor a SIEG C3 mini lathe or an EMCO or similar hobbyist lathe.
    I am also looking for a SIEG X3 or similar (EMCO, TAIG...).
    I live in Southampton, so anything within 2-3 hours drive is OK.

    If you are upgrading or want to make some room, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

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    Gary above may still have his for sale.

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    Thanks for the replies guys; I'm fixed up now.

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