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    No nothing as drastic as a 14lb hammer, they are not that robust, a 2lb one will do.

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    John S -

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    Back again with more questions,
    Since last on here I had gave up after your chapís advice with the laptop and brought a nice cheap recon dell desktop with parallel port and optical drives and all the rest of it.

    Tried going down the route of using the PC-NC dos software that came with it and the further I got/looked into it thought sod that.
    So Iíve down loaded the trial mach3 and cut2d softwareís so I can see it run before I spend any more money on it.
    But now Iíve got a few questions Iíve followed the tutorial on the wing component and also sent it to mach3 and opened it up in mach so far so good but I was wondering if there is any tutorial on haw to do the following.

    1. Change the size of the screen it at present is real small and if I drag the window bigger it remains the some just adds grey background.
    2. A step by step tutorial on everything to get my router up and cutting and making that little cut2d wing component
    3. How to set up this pin location the PC-NC book tells me what is what but I have no idea what to do with mach
    4. Set my limits Iíve got a rough idea that mach has soft limits how do I set them up as I donít want for the first time I switch it on for it to crash into one of its ends
    5. Anything else you think may be beneficial without bogging me down as a armature hobby cnc router

    Please help me with the above list as Iím struggling and I would be very great full of the help

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    Just taking the time to say. Thank you for your assistance today John S

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