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    Hello Buster,
    Ive just stumbled across the same problem with my mini mill and found it extreamly interesting reading your thread. After machining a 100 mm 'square' sheet of aluminium and checking it for square I found my mill was .2mm out of true and like yourself assumed the dovetails on the saddle are machined out of square to each other. can you please inform me as to the engineering company you used to have the saddle re machined as I live not too far from Bedford.

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    Hi Steve

    I used Constant Precision, the same machine shop that Buster did in Bedford. They still had the mill set up for his machining and did it while I waited. They were very reasonable and helpful.

    It was such a nuisance that the dovetails had been machined so innacurately, but the cure was quick after I removed the saddle. I discovered my problems before I fitted the ballscrews as I saw a thread about innacuracy with the mill.

    Now it has been done I get very good results and have used the mill for several jobs since then.

    This video will show you one of the tests I did. I know it is painfully slow machining, but of course I have faster speeds set since then.


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    Hello John, Many thanks for letting me know about Constant Precision and I will certainly give them a call and hopefully they will re-machine my saddle too. Im very glad you got your mill sorted out in the end and I suppose there is a moral in this story for us that you only get what you pay for however it seems that once this re machining is done the mill is then perfectly accurate.I will keep you informed how I get on,once again many thanks for replying to my question.

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