1. Looking for a 2 - 3 foot long transmisson belt, about 1" or so wide, the sort that has 3 or 5 ribs along the length of the belt. Second-hand, as long as not fraying, would do! These are often used as fan/alternator/accessory belts on larger trucks.

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    Are you still looking for belts? i've got all sorts of belts the workshop

  3. yes, i need to replce the leather one on the lathe. the sort I am looking for are like VW fanbelts...5 or 6 ribs about 5mm deep

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    Ok I'll have a look tommorow if I get chance. Didnt see the bit about the longitidinadal ribs tho.

    I know theres loads of standard of vee belts

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    I'm afraid I only have 1 in stock:heehee:

    Its 14.5mm wide, 5mm thick overall (2.5mm thick min.) and 740mm ish in lenght or 1480 -1500mm cirfumference, it is aslo a bit cracked/ crazed on the inside. If it sounds any good or at least as a stand by then PM your address and I'll send it up, no charge. If its no good you can throw it away for me.

  6. worth a go...pm sent

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    Those ribbed belts are normally used on alternators on diesel fords and when I mentioned the crazing to my garage they said they last a long time with the crazing so you may get some life from a crazed belt.

  8. exactly... it doesnt need a new one.. but 15mm wide might prove too narrow...suck it n see time...

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    I'll post it tommorow (or is that later today?) hope it works...

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