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    The DRO on my mill is connected to the sensors by some spiral bound metal cable cover. Could anyone tell me where I can buy this covering as I want to use it to shield the connects from my steppers to their control box. Also I am thinking of buying/making a new control box out of Aluminium (using home made wooden box at present). Can anyone suggest a source, I do not want to use a full sized PC case but a box say 400 x 400 x150 mm would do fine.

    Thanks Alan

  2. Full steel wrap flexible conduit is *******g expensive (~100-200 for 25m) and primarily for mechanical protection. If you want to screen the cables electrically then use a good foil screened cable (also expensive).


    a cheaper option is metal/plastic (basically a plastic coated spring), again this is primarilly for mechanical protection.


    If you can use thin cables then this 16mm stuff is not too badly priced (23 for 10m)


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    I thought the consensus was that the cables to the steppers do not need shielding as they are twisted pair!


  4. Twisted pairs are far from perfect and don't stop RF interference getting into your device (i.e. from a plasma cutter)

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    In the kit car world, shower attachment pipes have been used for cabling (although it's primarily for appearance rather than shielding - but it would have the same effect).

    I've seen 3 for 2m lengths on eBay:


    Although it does say 4.99 later on - which means for 10m, it would be 25. So similar to the Farnell price...

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