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    Has anyone in the group had and good experience with Amadeal. I find that Hugh is quick to say why his product is superior but further communications fell on deaf ears.

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    Hi, I’m actually in correspondence with Hugh and Syil at the moment regarding something else. Have you tried giving them a call?

    So far response has been very quick, I have noticed that Hugh is also using a different email address to the one given on the Syil website; they are also the UK Dealer for Syil.

    would you like me to ask him to contact you; you could also post your questions here for others to assist you with?

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    Lives in Cardiff, United Kingdom. Last Activity: 26-09-2012 Has been a member for 6-7 years. Has a total post count of 29.
    Hi Lee,
    No I had not telephoned him, I wanted a written response so that I could make a decission on a prospective purchase.

    Yes I too noticed the use of multi email addresses, i.e he also goes by the name "harryuk" on ebay.

    I am ( after having been the recipient of some building work by someone who featured on "homes from hell" on TV under a diffirent name, and whom I know is still in business yet under again a diffirent name, ) a little mistrustfull of those in business who seem to have multiple "aliases".

    I am in no way saying that Hugh is mistrustfull, but looking for assurances from other customers that their products and after sales support is at a standard I expect from a supplier, after all none of us want to spend our hard earned money unwisely.

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    Hi croy, sorry to hear about your experience with the builder.

    Well hopefully others will fall-in who have some good things to say about Amadeal, I will forward this link to Hugh and let him know your here. Syil are now officially advertising with us and will be represented by Hugh as the UK Dealer, so hopefully he can find the time to support the community.


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    hello croy,
    I'm Hugh of Amadeal Ltd. - a sincere apology if I've not followed up communications with you. In my defence, I get 100's of emails - some can be replied to quickly, some take research and a bit of thinking about - some slip through the net. With just a part-timer assisting me there aren't enough hours in the day. A gentle prod in the form of another email is likely to help or you're welcome to 'phone me.
    btw, invariably anything I say in praise of the products that I sell is based on feedback from my customers rather than sales patter - a look at my eBay feedback, for example, shows that I'm getting things about right.
    Amadeal Ltd.

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    I would like to tell you about my personal experience with Hugh, my name is Jon Davis, I am in the process of setting up my buisness building custom cycle frames and needed some good quality tooling at a more resonable price than some of the other BIG BRAND suppliers charge for exactly the same products.

    I called Hugh, who is understandably busy, and had a chat and decided to go and inspect the tooling befor buying, although modist in apperance Amadeals industrial unit is pretty much full of usefull decent quality tools. I was welcomed to inspect the rotary table and other tools I was looking to purchace, and I was so pleased with what he had available that I walked away having spent just shy of 500, a rotary table, index plate set, tail stock, dti's etc.

    Infact I returned again about a month later, 3 weeks ago, and picked up 400 worth of spindle tooling, parallels, centering guage and cutters. I will continue to go to see Hugh untill I find some thing he is unable to get for me and having seen his catalogues there and only a few things a that would cause a problem to source and none of them would be used by the average amature or hobey engineer, as an example I will be ordering an automatic boring head as soon as funds permit, and I'm sure at a very resonable price.

    he is a busy man for the right reasons, and a busy man is always IMHO the man to go to.

    Call him and I'm sure you'll find the same as me.


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    Hello All

    I would like to tell you about my personal experience with Amadeal, and its not good. I have joined this forum to tell my story, but; in my day job I am a Journalist and film maker so I have put a warning up on YouTube and a few other well known websites

    I have had an Amadeal CJ18 for around 3 years. The lathe is OK, not special but did what was required.

    Getting parts from Amadeal was OK when dealing with Huge but dealing with Edward was difficult at the best of times, he always wanted to give a superior attitude that was rather annoying at the best of times.

    The latest part I needed was an on/off switch. I spoke to Huge, ordered the part which came next day. The first annoying factor was the new part looked used, had marks and one wire was cut off.

    I stripped the control board down, fitted the part and low and behold it did not work......

    The next day I phone Amadeal, Edward answered the phone, I told him that they had sent a second hand part out, that it did not work, and that I was not happy with this.

    Edward told me; "Sometimes we send parts out and they don't work, that's life"

    I told him that I was not happy with receiving a second hand part and that this problem has cost me time and money and I did not appreciate the way he was speaking to me as a customer

    Edward said " I dont get paid enough to talk to p###ks like you.

    Then he added " F##k off you F##k face C##t

    I am sure you will say this cannot be, I must be lying, why would I say such a thing........ Why would Edward be such an idiot.

    WELL; I was calling from my office so the call was recorded, yes I have the whole abusive conversation ! It has been uploaded on to YouTube under the title 'Amadeal Lathes The Shocking Truth'

    Perhaps Edward should get off the drugs.........

    This has also been reported to trading standards....

    This is my personal experience with Amadeal Lathes, its 100% true, very upsetting and I stand by it.

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    I find that when quoting personal experience, you can add weight and credence to your posts by using at least your first name in a traditional salutation at the end ;-)

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    I'm not a fan of people coming on a site and posting a first post slamming a supplier/someone. Smacks of sour grapes to me and I'm always rather sceptical as people tend not to go off the deep end shouting abuse for no reason/without provocation. I've searched youtube and cannot find the video you've said is there, perhaps you'd like to put a link up so we can see it? In fact Google does not come up with any results for "Amadeal Lathes The Shocking Truth"????


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    Plus one ..Clive
    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

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