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    Hi Bogs

    Good to see you over here, it was your posts over at madmodders that got me into making my first engine, and am now on my second.

    I use Mach3, Solidworks & Visualcam/Visualmill for my cnc stuff, adds up to be a powerful combination esspecially if you end up playing with 4 axis

    If I can ever help with anything cnc/software related just let me know


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    Hi DJH,

    Yep, I do get around a bit, mainly on the manual sites. I'm glad my meanderings gave you a little inspiration. There is nothing like getting your first runner to spur you onto bigger and better things.

    4 axis for me will be a necessity if I decide to go ahead with this project. So that will mean a higher learning curve from the very beginning. All this will be to lessen my workload, and hopefully be able to get better turnround times.

    Many thanks for the help offer, unfortunately, mine and family health issues at this time is the main problem. Once that is sorted, I will be able to get more quality time on the subject, and then maybe I will be knocking on your door in the middle of the night.


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    Hey no problem, it's an open offer,

    Ive spent months trying to figure out 4 axis as not that many programs can do it, and even less do it well, but for me solidworks & visualmill work very well together



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    Hi from Sandbach
    Joe here, been in electronics for 40 years, so decided to tax my brain with a little mechanical stuff...hats off to all you guys, I make 5 of everything, 4 scrap and one nearly right :)
    I have just converted my old Tom senior miller to CNC, so we will be climbing the Gcode hill together.

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