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    Hi everyone,
    just joined the site after looking round for a while,and think it's a great site been set up here for us in the UK,a quick bit about me,I am a time served toolmaker by trade and was working as so untill about 15 years ago,but now do building work,what am looking to hopefully do this year sometime, is set up workshop in my garden making and selling hobby cnc bits for people who would like to dabble in the hobby but maybe have no access to a machine shop,hopefully will be doing cheaper bits like a ready make router in kit form,screw rod lead screws,linear rails,motor mounts,lead screw drive nuts and bits like that,there seems to be plenty of places about that do ball screws and stuff,but not much for the cheaper end of the market,so in a nutshell I hope to help people to make small cnc machines at home without having to set up a workshop to turn a bit of steel down.
    Hoping for a bit of feed back from you guys on your thoughts on it.
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    Hi Steve welcome to the site, i look forward to seeing what you get up to in the work shop !

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    Cheers Lee,
    I will let you know when I'm up and running,fingers crossed this year sometime,in the mean time I will keep browsing round the site,there's some very interesting stuff on here.

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