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    Made a bit more progress over the last couple of days, finished the drive part of the z axis, and fitted it to the head.
    Removed the depth stop from the head and mounted the assembly using the four mounting points from the name plate and an extra point on what is left of the depth stop bracket. All drilled and tapped M8.
    Need to get the correct length belt and then sort out the quill plate.
    Still haven’t decided how I am going to “quick release” the drive from the plate.
    I might have to actually buy some metal (for the first time), to make the plate, as I am not very happy with my first one, having seen Robins honking plate.
    I like to recycle things, so I will see if I can find a suitable part to modify.

    More soon ……
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    How does that work then? Are you turning the nut?


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    Yep, it is the internals from a flap control. Basically a screw jack with a 1605 ball screw and I think a double nut, roller bearing at the top, then two thrust rollers and a roller bearing at the bottom.
    It came from a scrap metal metal chap, who deals in ex-MOD stuff ....... I think it was a fiver!
    I ground off the beautiful 90deg. helical gear that was on the shaft and fitted a bored timing pulley. Shame, but I didn't want to have to sort out the end float on the drive shaft.
    Fourtunaley, the screw is about 1/2" longer than the quill travel!

    I am going to buy a piece of steel for the quill plate.



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    Hi Tweaky,

    I have just read this thread with great interest.

    I too am contemplating the modification of my old warco major to cnc.

    I am just wondring if you could bring us up to date with developments.

    I have not seen any reference as to what motor drivers you ended up using with those NEMA 34 motors from Arc Euro Trade. Please could you enlighten me!

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    I have the same motors in that mod and the guy assured me these drivers would suffice for the motors....
    160-020-00101 4.2A Bi-Polar Stepper Motor Driver

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    May I also just ask, have you now completed this project ?
    If so, do you still consider it a worthwhile project with regards to time and capital investment versus end usability, or would you advise otherwise?


    Swarf Boy
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