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    Hi to all at mycncuk, looking to get started building soon, background in electronics, pcb design and make, (manual and cad). Looking for a few inexpensive stepper motors to play around with, i intend to control them using pic (picaxe) micro. based in glasgow, anyone near by that i can purchase some surplus motors from, i'd be glad to travel and collect if it's not to far.

    Thanks in advance, Wildbill.

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    Hi bill, i'v got 3 motors that have seen very little use if you would like them?

    Welcome to the site!

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    Hi Lee, thanks for the response. i have started building the gantry and table, 100cm X 50cm table, i have also made some linear bearings, so i guess the motors need to be quite small, i intend using a small (850 watt) router or a dremmel. I'm reading some stepper theory and i will build the drive board (not for cost reasons but because i enjoy doing stuff !!). What size are your motors and what cost ? do you think they would be suitable give the sizes mentioned above ?


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    Hi i will send you a PM with the info on the motors now.


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