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    Title says it all really :) For furniture prototypes. Size roughly 100cm x 60cm blanks, 1.5mm mild steel plate, simple cut. Max accuracy for the waterjet (or laser would do) +- 0.2mm. Fairly accurate folding - 1mm radius. Initial qty 10 and repeat of 20-30.


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    It would be nice to know where you are located as most people only know their own local area!


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    Ah good point, London SE16


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    For the painting it might be worth looking at the hammerite matal master electrostaic paint gun as suggested by another her to me? i will be looking into this myself for my job.
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    Ah thanks, interesting, hadn't seen that.


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    Her????? Ummm didn't think my profile was that confusing ...
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    LOL! that was supposed to say 'here'
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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