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    Hammerite can be used with some sort of electrostatic gun ... gives a good finish from what I have seen ...
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    Just looked at the Hammerite Metalmaster on their site and i have to agree it looks impressive. Still 40 to buy the machine and the paint canisters are over a tenner a go. (excuse the bold could not change it after copy and paste)
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    try looking for a paint called oneshot, its a high gloss automotive and signwriters paint specificaly designed to be self leveling... evil stuff mind

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    Thanks for the advice i bit the bullet and bought some smooth hammerite (silver). If you have a shop called 'The Range' near you , they do the electrostatic gun for 19.99 and the paint for 6.00. Shame ours had none in stock. Got the bed finished and nipped over to my mate to have the ends of the rails shaved and drilled ready to be tapped (perfect fit Roger). I can only go up to 25mm down the spout of mine so will have to upgrade that at sometime in the future. Tomorrow i will finish off paint and if dry enough sort out the rails and start looking at the Y axis. i still need to make space for it in the garage (hope it does not rain tonight).
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    Well got the paint on today and as i suspected not that impressed, might have to give it a rub down and spray a further coat instead of the brush. i Tapped the ends of the rails out and looked at the Ends of the Y axis. As usual I'm thinking of changing the design already :-), nothng drastic just to utilise material i already have (save firing up the furnace to make the parts i need). More next week with some piccys
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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