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    Hi, im new to the forum and to cnc'ing, anyone in Glasgow or nearby with a machine built/starting to/expert/ beginner ? with a view to having a look, getting tips, inspiration, spares or surplus parts.


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    What do you want to use the cnc to make? Or are you just interested in building and learning about how they work and operate? Gantry / router type or converted Milling machine?

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    Hi Alan, i intend to make a machine that will make a better machine and so on, i went to an precision engineer company to get something made from ali, gave them the drawings etc and they didn't even call me back, i got so pi**ed off, i decided that i wanted to make things for myself, sometimes, even if it's cheaper to buy a jig or something, (i make bespoke hand crafted furniture ) i prefer to make jigs etc just because i like to. thanks for the reply.


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