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    Hi all,
    I'm in the very early stages of working out whether I want to build a beast or not.
    I retired (hurt) about a year ago, and have started to combine my 2 loves of woodworking and music to build some guitars.
    I'm on a forum that's based in the US, and they keep going on about CNC, and a few quick keystroke's searching finds me here.
    I can hear my wife saying "Not another *%^"*! forum for you to obsess over", so I guess I won't mention it to her. Please keep my secret safe!!

    Please bear with me, I'll probably ask some really simple questions to start with, but until I understand enough, I will struggle searching on here to find the answers that already exist.
    Thanks for having me


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    Welcome to the forums Denis, dont worrie your "secret" is safe with us !

    But now you owe us, so, mine is: Coffie, 1 suger, white please !!!

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