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    Hi everyone,
    I have just entered the baffling world of CNC. I sourced what looked to be a reasonably priced and solid cnc router/mill from Bratislava/Slovakia. The machine is a Kompass H-1000 which cost 1300 comlete with frame, motors, spidle, controller and a licenced copy of Mach 3. I took a gamble with my minimal knowledge, paid via paypal and 3 days later on a Friday was emailed in broken English that it had been despatched and would arrive on the Sunday...... Not believing the delivery day I went out and arrived home at 4pm, shortly after I received a call from a foreign male saying he would drop the machine off in 10 minutes time !! The machine arrived, well packaged and I think the driver had driven from Slovakia !!
    Anyway on first impression, it looks to be a very solid well bulit machine, I just have to work out where all the wires go, so if anyone has set up one of these please let me know.
    I will try and let you kow how I get on. I am also a newcomer to forums by the way........

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    Had a look on the web and couldnt decide what the screws were, are they ball screws!
    If they are looks reasonable value.
    That seller on ebay hasnt sold many yet!

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    I don't know if you went to his main website at -
    http://www.3dcnc.extra.hu/en/kompas-h-1000-komplet -

    They are not ball screws, I think........?

    New MDL user adjustable zero-backlash nuts

    Modular design from stock components offering a very strong / solid professional machine.... Now with the addition of our user adjustable zero backlash trapezoidal nuts.


  4. No, the site very clearly states they are 12 x 3 trapezoidal screws with 'user adjustable zero-backlash' delrin nuts... would be interested in a picture of the nuts...

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