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    Oops! Forgot pockets inside pockets

    This means completely re-writing the island waterline detector :whistling:
    Brane starting to faid, need beer

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    Its coming on Robin, what parameters are going to be setable, depth of cut, tool size etc ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Ferguson View Post
    Its coming on Robin, what parameters are going to be setable, depth of cut, tool size etc ?
    Everything I can't glean from the .dxf file, but I do my best. Have a movie...

    Edit: If it won't play, here's the link

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    Something of a hiatus, now going again

    This morning it started puking out G-code, read some in to my cutting software and it looks good

    After much agonising about how to define tools inside a drawing file I eventually opted for added text.

    T01 is the only tool that removes excess from the block. No T01=no excess removal. So you can go back in and tweak without massive editing of G code.

    Still Um'ing and Ah'ing about whether to allow finishing excess in the Z axis when you reach the bottom of the block. I think probably not, total waste of time.

    The RCA text line in the pic forces a 2 degree draft angle on anything with the same layer. Will probably add other modifiers to that.

    More soon, probably. I can still come horribly unstuck, but looks hopeful. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating :heehee:
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  5. Robin,

    Rather than regen the cut, could you just store the vertexes and re-display them? (There must be some PD 3D C++ libraries available on the web somewhere that would do this kind of thing for you)


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    Hi Bill

    What's a vertex? :heehee:

    There is no cleverness in this program, it simply reads in a dxf, slices through at various levels then projects the slices in to cuts. That was about all my brane could handle.


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