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    hi all just got my first mill always loved messing around with bits for my car projects

    but have thought i mite as well try to make my own bits

    so got one of these off a friend it was new he never used it gave him 120 quid for it was a mission to move !! its a ZX30 m axeminster but seems many makes call it different names

    i need to give it a good clean

    and then learn how to use it lol !!

  2. Welcome...

    Yep... very similar to mine...Warco MD30

    Hmmm likes cars, username BAM20v.. Audi TT Mk1 or S3 owner perhaps, or a Mk4 Golf GTI at a push (or could be a Seat, but don't think the 225BHP BAM engine was ever put in a Cupra)

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    nearly lol

    i have a corrado with audi s3 engine
    and also in the process of 4wd and the 6 speed box

  4. good stuff... thats not a simple mod!

    I have a somewhat modded mk1 TTR Quattro... around 290BHP, lowered, widened, stiffened, big exhaust.

    and i bought the lathes and mill originally to make some suspension parts... but never quite got there...yet... and 120 was a bargain:clap:

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    Hi welcome to the site, dont forget to post up the pics as you do the beast up for us to check out !

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