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Its not a problem as long as they stay in sync else the gantry starts to twist - although the impact of that depends on the gantry rigidity. Therefore loosing steps on one side is a definite no no.. Usual solutions to this are one drive, belts to two screws or making sure the motors never stall out by oversizing them (using two motors each sized to do the task individually is one approach).
It has to be a law of the universe that if something can go out of sync, it will. Over sizing the motors would have the downside of potentially more damage - I'd guess it would be better for the gantry to sieze up sooner rather than later - slightly less potential to put a bend in two expensive ballscrews. Oh well, I suppose at some point I will be pondering how to realign/re-square the gantry - such are the joys of this ... err ... hobby.

Thanks for fixing the links post BTW.