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    I have a few of these gathering dust, any interest or i'll pop them on to fleabay at some stage. Know very little about them as they were donated to help my build.
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  2. what exactly do they do? I am looking for some pneumatics as part of an automatic tool changer project (eventually) for the mill.

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    There are (2) I/O ports, for pneumatic supply/exhaust. They would generally be used as pneumatic clamps or supports to hold a workpiece at a specific height. The threaded portion and round clamp are just the extended section and can be customised to suit your needs.

    As an example, the round clamp could be used to pneumatically pull down on a piece of material, using a compressor, prior to machining. More suited to production environments or batch runs.

    Hope that helps

  4. any ideas how much movement you get? and how much you'd want for them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by irving2008 View Post
    any ideas how much movement you get? and how much you'd want for them?
    Movement I can measure, price - no idea. I'm sure a suitable settlement can be established, in other words if you have a need for them, drop me an offer. I reckon there are around (11) available.

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    Now on ebay with fittings and switched valve, didn't link in case I get moderated :confused:

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