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    I am new to the forum will almost certainly be begging for help occasionally. Hopefully I can also help others once in a while.
    I have built a small CNC milling machine from a Proxxon MF70 and am in the early stages of building it's replacement. The Proxxon was a nice simple project using Nylon blocks turned from bar to mount NEMA 23 stepper motors and a home made driver board. Although the Proxxon has a bit of a Christmas cracker appearance, it still had an astonishing lack of play or backlash anywhere - about 0.0001" repeatability in X and Y from the same direction and about 0.0002" returning to the same point from the opposite direction. Sadly, that state of affairs was only when new and very ligh load and is now only about a tenth as good.

    While still undecided about the new machine, I think it will be a gantry type with one lateral axis (X) and Z on the gantry and a table for the other lateral axis (Y). While waiting for my thoughts to gell, I have been working on the controller and spindle motor.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	MF70.JPG 
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Name:	Controller and Motor PSU.JPG 
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Name:	Controller.JPG 
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    Above are the proxxon, New controller and spindle motor PSU and the controller during construction.


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    Hi Mike

    Welcome to the forum

    Your control box and wiring looks very neat and compact, very nice!

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    Welcome, nice job on the CB.


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