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  1. Hi guys, im not the best when it comes to wiring things up, as you can see from my build log i purchased some servo drives and motors, these drive can accept clock and direction, but i have not got the foggiest on how do wire them up to my computer so mach will control them.

    Ive got a BOB from previous build of a drive system (unfinished) if that is helps.

    Ive attached the pdf of the drives and how they can be configured, if someone could have a flick through i would be very grateful indeed, im at my whits end :(
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Servo drive.pdf  

  2. which model driver do you have - the manual gives wiring options for several... although the driver does have a step/direction interface (you have to select mode 0 of parameter PN52 on the servo driver) the connections do not appear to be a standard off-the-shelf connector.

    Where did you get the drivers from?

  3. Hi Irving, i have 3x SA3L06B and 1x SA3L04C they do come with solderable plugs so you can configure the I/O manually on channel 2 its just working out what pins i use for what to connect to my BOB. I got them direct from the company but Zapp also sell this particular drive and motor setup.

  4. So you should have 4 x CN2 connector (rectangular mulitpin)

    The diagram you need to look at is 'Position Control Mode' on page 20

    Step signal is on 32(+) 33(-) (PULSE)
    Dir signal is on 34(+) 35 (-) (SIGN)
    Sheild is on 36

    These are opto isolated and can be conected to a parallel port directly or via a buffered BOB. I would recommend an active low configuration. In which case pins 32 and 34 need to be wired to a source of +5v from your BOB. 33 is Step, 35 is Direction

    There are other connections on the CN2 plug that might be useful to feed back to MACH3.. Servo ready, servo alarm, etc. On all of these the - signal should be connected to the GND line on the parallel port and the + side pulled up to the +5v via a 2.2k resistor.

    Hope that helps, shout if you need more help

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  6. Irving, cant thank you enough. on quick question tho as regards to wiring the 2.2k resistor. do i ground all the - signals together then go to a ground on my bob and all the + signals together and supply a 5v from my BOB and fit the 2k2R across the - and 5v?

    I dont wanna mess things up. a lot of money if it goes wrong :(

    Once again thank buddy

  7. What Bob have you got, do you have a wirning diagram/manual?

  8. Hi, Irv the board is a C10 BOB

  9. OK, thats straightforward...

    Assuming 4 axis x/y/z/a
    BOB->ServoDrive/pin (for step/direction)
    2 -----> x/33
    COM-> x/32, x/34
    3 -----> x/35
    4 -----> y/33
    COM-> y/32. y/34
    5 -----> y/35
    6 -----> z/33
    COM-> z/32, z/34
    7 -----> z/35
    8 -----> a/33
    COM-> a/33, a/34
    9 -----> a/35

    Set the COM jumper X7 near pins 2/3 to +5v and apply +5v to the board from a wall-wart, USB cable or tapping off a disc power cable inside PC.

  10. Cheers buddy, where do i apply the 2k2 resistor or do i not need one now?

  11. You dont need that as the C10 has internal pullup/pulldowns.

    If you want to wire the servo alarm back then do this (this assumes you are wiring limit and estop as shown in the wiring diagram you sent - so the jumper X5 is set for 'pull down'

    x/25 -> BOB 5v connection near 11
    X/26 -> y/25
    y/26 -> z/25
    z/26 -> a/25
    a/25 -> BOB/11

    This will show an active HIGH signal when all three servos are OK, and a LOW when one or more servos alarm. This is the same polarity as the e-stop and limit switches.

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