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  1. Thanks so much ill get it all up and running then ill give the other features ago at a later date.. no doubt i will be calling upon your wealth of knowledge again soon :heehee:

  2. Just been toying with the idea of setting up the alarm like you said in the above post.. how do i go about setting that feature up in mach3?

    Sorry to be a nuisance, but im yet to learn the in's and outs of the software.

    Ive played with setting stepper motors and the likes up but not servos. one of the servos (Axis A) will be mate slave to X as im driving to ballscrews. i think i can manage that but its just the config of this alarm malarkey.

  3. never having used MACH3 I dont know... but I guess its the same as setting up the estop - it should act the same, and lo, page 4 of the MACH3 manual (here on Keling's site) shows how to do this - on the inputs tab, select it as pin 11 and active low checked. However that raises an issue, since MACH3 only supports 1 estop input, so how would the estop switch be configured? Well one option would be to wire it in series with the servo alarms. I think however there is a simpler and better answer... dont wire the estop switch to MACH3.

    My reasoning is as follows: I'd not want rely on MACH3 to do the estop function, I'd want 100% certainty that when I hit the switch it stops things dead by killing power to the whole device. In which case I'd want a relay/contactor on the power input to the drives and to the spindle which was opened when I hit estop.

    If the servo alarms are fed back to MACH3 as described they will open when the power is killed and tell MACH3 there is a problem so that works correctly.

    Hope that helps...

  4. Got ya, hmmm ok so to do it a safer/better way ill need a simple 240v relay then?

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