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  1. OK, getting the lathe delivered soon, and the guy is going to wire it all up and get it working and demo it to me, but i need a 90PSI dry clean air supply.
    I can get a compressor, but finding it hard to find a cost effective dryer.
    Does anyone have any ideas where to look.
    Been quoted silly money for new, so will also look at used, but good condition.

  2. Ok, i have asked about and the dry air is a requirement only for warrantee, so considering this machine is slightly out of warrantee i think i will just use a few water traps.
    It arrived today, and have attached a few pics.
    Looks ok, but is missing the chuck, and has come with no tooling, but what do you expect.
    just need to get the compressor and sort out the three phase supply and will then get it up an running.
    Click image for larger version. 

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  3. Big lump that! Gosh a reel to reel mag tape unit... haven't seen one of those since ooohhh early 1980's. I do so love lots of buttons and flashing lights :)

    Looks like its going to be an interesting build log on the Mach3 conversion.

  4. Yes it is rather heavy, it weighs over 2000KG, and my fork lift had problems lifting it.
    Wont be converting it to run from Mach 3, according to the guy who sold it me, it is in working order including the controller, so will be using it as is for the moment, and if i do retrofit it, i will put a proper cnc controller and large AC servos on it all closed loop.
    I have my myford 280 in bits to start a conversion on that; that will be all servos and not sure if i should put a 2 axis CNC controller on it or do it for mach 3, yet, but it looks like i will stick with the controller because of the closed loop and convenience of not having it connected to a pc.

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