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  1. If I had the room and tooling....

    A lot of CNC lathe for 500! (or should that have been 5000 for buy it now?)

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    Irving that must be the bargain of the year, be interesting to see how long the listing lasts!

  3. Will tell you how it looks when it is delivered. :)

  4. Well I see it sold at 21:32... its got to be worth more than 500 even stripped down as spares..... they go for much more than that... and just up the road from you Gary!

  5. For 500, i had to go for it.
    Thanks for the link.

  6. Glad to help :) I was sorely tempted at that price, but SWMBO would have had a fit and the shipping would have been expensive! Lets just hope the guy doesnt come back and tell you he really meant 5k... 42mm spindle bore @ 3000rpm standard, 4000 or 5000rpm option, 'tis a meaty machine - and machining 25, 30 or even 40mm ballscrews would be possible! From what I've read on CNCZone the drive boards and DC servos are probably scrap but a retrofit with modern gear to run off Mach3 shouldn't be an issue, but the FANUC controller is worth something too.. Not sure that the one in the pic is the one advertised, it sort of implies not... but again at that price...

  7. I hope he doesnt ask for more, but he did say in the listing that there was no reserve.
    42mm bore is quite handy fro doing ballscrews, a bit bigger than my myford 280.
    I have all the bits here to upgrade the motors, drivers and control if needed, but i am hopping to not do anything to it.
    Looking on the zone the spindle berings and ballscrews can be prone to wear, i will have a look how many hours it has done, but these machines can run 24/7 so it is likely that there will be some wear?
    Will update when i get it and post some pics.

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    I sold all the main boards out of a Fanuc OT to Neil Ginley up at Huddersfeld for 750 a couple of years back.
    John S -

  9. Its all paid for now and will be delivered at the end of next week when i get back from Vegas.
    Its over 2 ton so its going to be interesting getting it into the workshop.

  10. I will watch with interest...

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