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    I posted recently regarding Conect CNC Mills/Lathes. I have managed to get three machines working off the manual buttons (after major re-wire).
    A few questions: the Z axis stepper on one mill works fine +/- when connection to the mill head is removed but only down when load is reconnected - it stutters and sometimes allows the worm drive to slide in the wrong direction. Does this indicate a shot stepper, electronics or software?

    Is there a reasonably priced UK company which offers complete 3 axis kits with steppers and electronics? I just don't have the time to research individual boards motors etc.

    I tried the firm advertised on the first page of this site but they require a log in and my details before allowing access even to prices. Seems to me uneccessary and a recipe for even more spam than I get already! Surely no way to treat a customer with spending in mind?!

    Regards to all, Ray

  2. Ray,
    What company needs you to log in to get prices? Seems a bit paranoid to me?
    If you need a kit of motors and drivers contact me by email and i can help you.

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    What company was it Ray ?

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    Ah! My mistake, I just re-checked the company - it was Keling technology a USA company - I obviously got it off the CNC Zone site.


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