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    hi i have been looking into getting steel dies made and i have come to the conclusion that i could make the dies on a kx3 if i could get someone to write the program for me as im a novice in 3d but have loads of experience in 2d drawings etc any help or guidence would be greatly appricated thanks

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    Do you have any drawings/photo's/sketch's that you can post to give us an idea of what you are after.

    Do you have a KX3 already? if so what tooling do you have available for it?

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    i will be getting a set of dies with the outside measuremnets the same but with different inside fonts etc i will post a picture of what i mean. the link is for a company that used to make them but dont anymore. i dont have a kx3 as of yet but my local supplier is going to allow me to use it to see if it will do my job ok. As for the tooling i dont know what tooling i should be using etc thanks in advance PatrickClick image for larger version. 

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    ive downloaded a demo of v carve pro and you can import the fonts straight into it . i just wouldnt know where to start with making the 3d with radius etc . hopefully i can get this problem solved soon thanks again

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    hi this is what i am after i will provide more detailed drawings if i can get someone to take this job on thanks in advance PatrickClick image for larger version. 

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    photosClick image for larger version. 

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    Patrick emails to you keep bouncing.
    John S -

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    hi sorry about that john my email address is either : p4tdesigns@btinternet.com or beetleguice@hotmail.com i would like to hear from you thanks again Patrick

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    Patrick, check both emails again please.
    John S -

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