If you're still interested, the sensor PCB is available as a spare part for the Wixey saw bench

two 31" lengths for $35 :)

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i reckon the combs should be easy to mill out on a CNC PCB mill. They are 0.6mm thick PCB double sided but the reverse is plain. On the top side is the T-comb structure and a ground strip. Since the mechnaism is a capacitive vernier it would seem perectly reasonable to manufacture this in say 150 or 200mm approx lengths where the end is exacly halfway through a 'T' and then end butt them together ensuring electrical conductivity across the join with a solder infil. getting positional accuracy on the second or subsequent 'comb' is the critical factor (as well as the basic accuracy of the comb). Some sort of jig might do the job.

Alternately, buy 3 cheap ones and look to join the PCB together as per above. Milling a new channel from stainless might be tricky, but aluminium might do just as well.

It worth an experiment don't you think?