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    Could anyone in the UK using the Ron Steele plans for a mini lathe conversion tell me what Z-axis lead screw they're using, and where they got it.

    The plans quote a high-lead (1/2 inch, I think) Acme leadscrew which allows the machine's original leadscrew, and manual carriage wheel, to still be used by "back-driving" the CNC lead screw.

    Marchant Dice have already told me they can't supply such a high lead.
    Any other ideas?

    BTW, I want to maintain the original lead screw for use in manually-turned spring-making.

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    I've got this link marked as 'leadscrews' in my bookmarks:
    I know of them only from an ML7 refurb blog.
    Worth a ring, maybe?

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    Thanks for that, John. I've added them to my bookmarks.

    Having now received the motors, I'm not so sure I'd want to back-drive them. Turning the shaft by hand is a tad stiff.
    Are all steppers like that?

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    John S -

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    Yes they are like that, if you give it a good go you should be able to make the shaft turn a little bit, then try it again when they turned on....no chance !

  6. I wouldn't describe it as stiff...they should turn OK but with a notchy or coggy feel - the bigger the motor the worse it is. That certainly doesnt make for a smooth hand-drive and, as Lee says, when powered on, you won't be able to move them at all until you overcome the holding torque.

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    I think I'll disengage the motor and leadscrew when I want to work manually.

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