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    Hi all...

    Not even sure i qualify as a newbie, just trying to pop my cherry on my newly built cnc router.. Am running it with Mach 3, but every piece of code I load into it just cuts loads of circles and arcs..
    Created some of the code using CamBam, some I got off the net as freebies (a smiley face etc) but Mach 3 just wants to cut circles on all of them..!
    Really got me scratching my head on this one.. Have tried to go through all the code but cant spot anything, am beginning to wonder if it is a setting in Mach 3 itself.. Just cant think what..

    Any ideas all you CNC gods?


  2. How about uploading a sample of your G-code.... and start with something simple and circle free, such as a square, in CamBam and lets see what its producing...

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    Go to Config > General Config and change the arcs to incremental

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	inc%20arcs.jpg 
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    John S -

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    Seems all my cambam nc files have loads of circles overlaying the original designs.. Will have to try another software package to convert to gcode.. Any recommendations for a newbie?
    Will go and change my Mach 3 as you suggested John, thanks..


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    Hi again..

    Bit adventurous for first time out I know.. But this is an example of what cambam is giving me.. Run it through a simulator and you will see what I mean..

    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Looks fine to me here.
    Change your arcs, read post 3.
    John S -

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    You sure John? Am running the code through a couple of different simulators and getting hundreds of circles above the main design... Doing this on my PC at home, not the one running my cnc..


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    File with Inc arcs.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Cambamdemo1.jpg 
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    File with Abs arcs.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Cambamdemo2.jpg 
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    John S -

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    The Inc Arcs pic looks like a she-male in plan view :heehee:

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    Spot on John!! Works a treat now.. Made my first smiley face!!!!

    Many thanks..

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