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    The UKs premier manufacturing technologies event:

    • 500+ exhibitors
      22,000+ visitors
      Business worth £250 million generated as a result of MACH 2006
      Exhibition of the Year at the 2006 Trade Association forum Best Practice Awards.

    You can also see a video of the last event by Clicking Here.

    Did anyone goto this ?, looks like a wicked day out wish i had gone. Will anyone be going to the next event ?

  2. I went to this show in 2004 and believe me it was amazing and had CNC machines you can only dream of mainly industrial size ones and have to admit didn't see many small scale CNC hobby machines. The event and place is huge and attracted many overseas businnesses and you can see that it is a multi million pound industry. I saw a stand that one guy was demoing in where he had a handheld object like a small fluorescent light fitting that was scanning a motorbike petrol tank, this device was shooting a laser light back and forth and as it was doing so it was creating the image on a computer screen. Then when this was done he took a solid block of aluminum positioned it securely in a vise and then hit the go button and the CNC was shaving the aluminium like it was butter and after an hour or so sculpted the replica tank and the finished tool path was that clean it didn't even require polishing!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never been more amazed at seeing a demo like this to this day and it got me hooked on CNC stuff to this day. Maybe we all could arrange next year to all members of this board to meet up there aand have a good day out ??? something to look forward to :D

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    Wow that sounds wicked kam, i really would love going to one of these shows, i'd be up for meeting next year as well somthing we will have to sort out with everyone.

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    Yes i want there, loads of big machines there.
    We exibited in the show next door so was there for a few days.
    Worth a visit when it is on again.

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    Exhibitered there in 2004 and 2006 will also be there in 2008,these shows are brilliant if only to take in manufacturing methods and looking at the new technoligy around currently today,information about all things from nuts and bolts to a full manufacturing cell is all there,and lots of info to glean,so if you get chance GO ;)

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    I'm going to add an "Events" forum, maybe you guys could help out with keeping it updated, just where you guys will be and at what events and any others you know about ? Ill update it with stuff as i find it as well would just be nice of you if you could help me out abit and others.

    Thanks again !

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