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    Hey check out this CNCWrapper program and what you could do with it and a 4th axis.

    CNCWrapper, a fast CNC G-code conversion program that can Wrap your 21/2D or 3D G-code programs into code that can be used with a 4th (rotary) axis unit on your CNC Router or Milling machine.


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    I'm about 90% the way through building my 4th axis, just waiting for the chuck from Chronos and a driver from Zapp and I'm off into the 3rd dimension....

    CNCWrapper is not bad (it's a steal at the price) but I can do 4th axis in Artcam and more importantly verify it before cutting. On a serious budget though CNCWrapper is unbeatable, I might buy it just for the quick stock rounding facility.

    Nothing is foolproof......to a sufficiently talented fool!

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