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  1. sounds like you're missing an enable somewhere... when you power up can you turn the motor shaft by hand or is it locked? you shouldnt be able to turn it if the motor is powered up right... (assuming you can turn it when its not powred!)

    see the note on charge pump and enable on page 4 of the System4 manual. Have you permanently enabled it, or have you configured a chargepump in Mach3?

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    Your a star, I missed that one, I now have the red enabled led on, 4 direction led's and the motor will not turn by hand, still no direction turns from motor through mach3 but we are getting closer.
    Many thanks so for.

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    motor still refuses to turn so tried a different motor this time one with only 4 wires, just the same, motor locks up with power on, when I test with jog you can feel it move 1 step and thats it.

  4. 1 step.... suggest you check step and direction are not swapped over...

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