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    Quote Originally Posted by irving2008 View Post
    How are you providing the +5v for the BOB?
    Good point and is this an early C11g that requires 12v and 5v for logic [ forget the speed part ] or the later one that only requires 5 volt
    John S -

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    Debounce I did yesterday didn't make any difference, the 5v is from a regulated power supply and is a steady 5.3v

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    Just the 5 volt John

  4. Hmmm... assume thats what it was on before you swapped PCs...

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    I have purchased a video card for my old pc in the hope that will get it up and running again, should be here Thurs.

    But I need to sort this out as I know the old PC won't last for ever, a friend has a smooth stepper and has offered to bring it over and try that but I would like to think the PC is more than upto the job without the smooth stepper.


  6. can you retry your G-code test with some x & Y thrown in as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by irving2008 View Post
    can you retry your G-code test with some x & Y thrown in as well?
    Yes can do Irving will have to be tomorrow now


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    What version of Mach ? because this is two reports of jittering i have seen.
    can you go back to a known older version ?

    Older versions are here.
    John S -

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    Yes can do John again will have to be tomorrow off to bed now up at 5.30 for work

    Thanks for the help


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    Bit of a Red Herring!

    I have managed to get my old PC back up and running by fitting a new graphics card, so I thought my troubles were over for the time being, but it was not to be I have the same fault with the old computer that I had with the new one!

    So this weekend will be taken up fault finding hopefully with the aid of a scope.

    I have checked the grounding Irving and that seems to be ok so at this moment in time I am still a bit lost how I can go from a fully working machine to this overnight?

    It all adds to the fun...............not

    I will keep you posted with my findings.


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