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  1. Could be the BOB itself is causing a problem? Although i cant see how for the moment... unless its a power supply issue under three axis load...

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    Hi Irving

    I have a C10 BOB so the first thing I will try is changing over to that. The C11G that I am using at the moment has the two supplies 12v and 5v (I thought it only had the 5v its that long ago since I fitted it) the 12v is reading 11.88v and the 5v is reading 5.5v the only thing I have'nt checked yet is the 24v for my home and limits this circuit also has 24v opto relays to switch the 5V so alot still to check.

    I will be back!



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    Well I feel a right plonker!

    Saturday morning I started my quest to find out what was going on with my machine, first thing moved my home switch wiring to another BOB only to find the the LED's were still flashing on the diagnostics screen.

    So another check of the voltages and everything checked out ok until I checked the opto relays I was using to switch the 24v to 5v, 5 volts going in 2.3volt coming out ! So straight to the BOB removed the wires from one of my home switches and linked it out, solid LED on the screen.Removed the opto's replaced with some 24v relays problem solved.

    Now the missing step saga,all the time I have been checking the problem I have been using the same G code program, I had checked the code and everything looked good, when I was running the tests with my plunge gauge(different g code) there was no sign of any missing steps, I went back to my cam program I had used for creating the code and found that I was trying to move the tool 17mm a sec! I know the machine would only achieve it's max that is set on the motor tuning page, but never the less I thought this might be the problem,I adjusted my toolpath paramaters and created the G code loaded it into the machine, NO MORE MISSED STEPS :dance:

    It just go's to show how a series of events can send you down the complete wrong track, I had convinced myself it was the new computer. I will look on this as part of the very steep learning curve we all embark on when we set out down the home cnc route.

    Thanks for all your help Irving and John.

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    You can now sew your CNC badge onto your uniform, dib, dib, dib....
    John S -

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    I have nailed the badge to my head as a reminder not be such a plonker! lol

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    17mm per sec= 1.2 meters a min that aint that fast and my machine rapids at just under 5 meters a min?

    A friend has been up this afternoon and brought along his smooth stepper we connected it up,took about 5min, loaded the code I was having a problem with and ran it at 4.4 meters a min with no missed steps its nice to have it confirmed that there is nothing wrong with the machine.

    The smooth stepper is a great bit of kit so if anybody reading this is thinking of getting one I can highly recommend them.


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    What a great and interesting blog. I would like to thank all contributors.

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