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    Sadly there really isn't quite enough space for the 260, or for a Denford Triac. I would also have to admit that I rarely have any need to do any big milling, so it looks like Boxford 190s and Denford Starmills are the likely choice at the moment. Is the Emco F1 of the same sort of size? Is that also a useful and/or convertibla machine?


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    i've not looked at the emco F1, so i can't really help there.

    Going back to the 190 or the starmill, i prefer the denford range of machines. But saying that the 190 has a nice toolchange feature, and it maybe a little bit larger than the starmill.

    The main limit of these smaller machines, is the "Z" travel. I'm sure the starmill has 115mm z movement, which doesn't allow much in the way of a vice or tooling, especially if you're going to need to use drills.

    My first venture into cnc was a lovely Denford Novamill, and although it's a great machine, it's let down by the same small "Z" axis movement. Next up was the Boxford 260vmc, and then the Denford Triac. I'm happy with the Triac, it gives me everything i could ask for in a benchtop cnc mill, even though i only mill small items the extra space is there if needed.

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