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    Hi all,

    Just come to wire up my SY60 stepper (3nm from ZaPP). When I connect it as per the Driver Kit 1 wiring instructions it doesn't work and causes the driver to fault.

    The wiring instructions state to connect red to blue, red/white to blue/white, green to black & green/white to black/white. I do this but if I now try to turn the motor spindle it is very difficult wheras on the original motors, I can turn them no problem (this is while not connected BTW). If I disconnect all the wires from each other, I can turn the moter easily again.

    Has the wire colour scheme changed since I bought my original SY60's, looking at the SY60 datasheet, it looks like it may have but my brain is frazzled trying to sort all the colours.

    Anyone help out here?

    Nothing is foolproof......to a sufficiently talented fool!

  2. Almost certainly the wiring has changed if you can't turn it when powered off... the correct wiring according to the latest data sheet is Red to Blue/White, blue to red/white, etc.. which seems to be a convention of sorts (for Unipolar the common is the solid colours) - at least many other steppers follow this arrangement (and many of course don't!)

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    Yes, traced the phases and you are correct. Only problem now is the motor while nice and smooth is very slow, even after tuning in Mach, hope it's not damaged.

    If these are the motors Gary is supplying with Driver Kit 1 then the wiring diagram needs changing ASAP, might be hard to believe but there are people out there even more electrically inept than I and it will totally stump them :)

    Cheers Irving, knew I could rely on you.

    Nothing is foolproof......to a sufficiently talented fool!

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    this is the data sheet for the steppers you have same as the ones i have http://www.axiscnc.com/pdfdocs/M60STH88-3008DF.pdf

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    Cheers Jon,

    I'd sussed it but thanks for the link anyway. Mach just needed rebooting and motor is fast and smooth now :)

    Nothing is foolproof......to a sufficiently talented fool!

  6. hmmm, thats the second time I heard tonight that a reboot has resolved an issue with mach3... seems its quite poor at handling configuration changes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by irving2008 View Post
    hmmm, thats the second time I heard tonight that a reboot has resolved an issue with mach3... seems its quite poor at handling configuration changes...
    The funny thing is it is only with the A axis and only in motor tuning, had me stumped for a while. XY&Z for some reason are not affected, I can alter velocity/accel etc and it works with pressing save axis.

    I'll tell you another wierd one, Last weekend I was cutting a sign from 3mm HDPE for work, 4ft x 2ft. I'd asked for a cut that broke through to the spoilboard by 1.5mm to take off any rags on the cut edges. It cut fine but I noticed that at the far end the cut was barely through. This sign wasn't cut from front to back, the head was all over the place as is the wont of CAM software but from front to back the depth of cut varied smoothly. Bring the cutter back to Y0 Z0 and the cutter was where it was supposed to be. Now as a check, I zeroed my Y to a 3mm thick gauge plate, jogged the Y axis to 1250mm and it was perfect. I've checked the G code and it was fine, max Z depth was always 4.5mm. This only started happening with the latest Mach. I thought at first I was losing steps on the Z but like I say, the cutter was all over the place cutting out letters and graphics, it wasn't a raster type cut.
    Nothing is foolproof......to a sufficiently talented fool!

  8. Interesting... did you see this thread, where Andy describes a similar issue. Turned out to be his z-motor tuning was out but even so... I'm sure I read JohnS suggesting somewhere (but I can't find it) that there might be issues with the latest Mach3 - maybe a new algorithm or something???

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