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    Hi guys,

    I'm a newbie in CNC although I have already built a 31 x 57 CNC router that's still needing its electronic parts. The trouble with building a homemade machine yourself is that you WANTED to build your #2 no sooner than you've finished your first; so here I am again gathering ideas for the second one while awaiting funds for decent drivers (gecko G540) and motors for the 1st.



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    Hi Jordan,
    Welcome, pleased to see you here, this is a very good forum to get ideas and there are some very helpful people if you need advice, don't hold back ask what you need to.


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    Thanks a lot. I will have to dig first thru tons of posts here before I'll post my own. I've finished my 1st machine except for the electronics part and that's where I'll start digging.


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    Hi Jordan, welcome to the site.


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