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    You are welcome. If you can benefit from our mistakes it will save you loads of time and money. I'm not decrying the belt idea, I don't know enough about belts at this length to make an informed comment but the basic machine you have there would be easy to convert to R&P if the belts prove troublesome and you might have earned enough by then to modify. The main thing is go for it, there are so many knowledgeable guys on this forum who've built machines and made all the mistakes, they will keep you straight. Above all, don't be afraid to ask all the questions you want even if they seem daft because they are the ones that can be showstoppers.

    Nothing is a sufficiently talented fool!

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    Im definately going to have a go, thats for sure. I would be lying however if I didnt say I am thinking to myself quietly "jeez, will this even work" ha ha.
    The table has been ordered and I am just waiting to hear back from the designer regarding changing the pulleys, after that Ill be waiting a week or so for the parts before I steam into it.

    Im in Cardiff if anyone local fancies giving me a hand ha serious that's Cardiff, you know, the ones who got beat by Blackpool in the play-offs, grrrrrrr!!

  3. Have a search round the site, there were a couple of threads on open ended belt drive, including some discussion on how to improve the backlash in the belt. I think at least one other member was doing this. The othe way for a router of this size is roller-chain as used by the Blacktoe 8x4 design

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    Im definately making some headway on the use of the belts, I was looking at the chain option but I would prefer to try the belt setup first. I like the blacktoe, shame its so expensive for the amount of parts used to make it. Shipping is charged at $650 too, the designer does refund the difference once he gets the final cost from the courier, thats what he told me anyway.

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