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    Wondered if anyone can recommend some CAM software for a lathe?

    I've tried a demo of Mastercam but I can't get to grips with it plus its really expensive.

    I thought VectorCAM looked pretty good by the screenshots but their demo doesnt work.

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    Problem is affordable programs.
    Lathe isn't just 2 axis of a mill program but very specialised.

    Unlike a mill that has a cutter where you know where the corner is at all times on a lathe the cutting point is behind the projected tip pint and has a radius. Normal turning is fine but when you come to follow a curve with a tip with a radius then the true toolpath is altering all the while and isn't as a lot of people thing just an offset from the contour.

    Lathe programs start at 1K and move upwards, one exception is Dolphin who also do a nice lathe module and they do deals for hobby users.
    John S -

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