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    I still have the housing that makes this item into a hand-held router, but it has been used as a router spindle on a legacy ornamental mill (came with it)..
    Still in excellent condition, this is the 110v version and I will include a 240v - 110v dual output pack in the price.. Think I still have spare brushes for this, will dig them out.. Has been used for about 2 years, reckon about 900 - 1000 hours..
    This is collection only, unless someone insists on a carrier (quite heavy with 110v pack), then I will get a price for delivery..
    Will take some photos in a day or 2.. But here is a review http://www.newwoodworker.com/reviews/pc7518rvu.html that might give you an idea if you dont already know this equipment.. The spindle diameter is 106mm..

    I also have a good collection of 1/2" router bits if the buyer is interested..

    Call me (steve) 07725 972998 if interested..

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    This is sold now..


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    Ok Steve thanks for letting us know.

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