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    My first attempt at a Corian lithopane of which I am very happy with the results.

    Youtube have already removed the sound track!

    I am not taking full credit for his as my son has spent hours over the pc converting the photo into the code and learning how to use the cam software.
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    Can't see the video, it's classed as private.
    John S -

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    Hang on John I am on the case!

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    Try that John

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    We, or rather my daughter has done a few for her art exam. Fascinating the watch cutting but when they are done they look real naff until you hold them to the light.

    I was staring at some fuzzy bits on hers trying to work out what they were, she's done a wrought iron skeletal clock, and the bits I'd seen were the bricks on the wall down to all the texture in the surface.

    I see you used Artcam, not being as rich as the North Notts guys we used Photo VCarve.

    John S -

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    Yes I agree they look real naff but as soon as you hold them to light they come alive.

    The Artcam is not ours it belongs to a business friend of my son's who has very kindly let him use it knowing I have just built my machine.

    Best start saving!

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    That looks well good andy, i'v book marked this ready to have ago myself.

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    Thanks chip

  9. Seems the video has gone :(

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    Hi Irving

    Try the link now my son re-edited the video because of the music, so there is now a new link which I have posted in my first post

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