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    Yea it’s working again for me now too, how much is the material and where to get it please Andy?

    Edit: Just found this link on the website for anyone who is intrested: Link

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    That's very impressive. Having not seen one before have just Wiki'd it and found this:
    The word lithophane can be broken into two parts to get its meaning. It derives from Greek ‘’litho’’, which is from ‘’lithos’’ which means stone or rock, and ‘’phainein’’ meaning "to cause to appear" or "to cause to appear suddenly".
    Your video catches the suddenly appearing bit really nicely. Must find a real one of these to look at. Congrats.


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    The material is hard to come by, you can get it sometimes off the bay, I have just had a new kitchen fitted and asked the fitter if he could get hold of any which he did manage to get me a few small pieces.

    Thanks for the comments, when it was first removed from the machine I thought it looked ok but then when I lifted up to the light I was gobsmacked!

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    That is truly a great piece of work well done for your first attempt, this is what I have planned to do but on a tube, they say the yellow gas pipe works well, we will see.


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    We manufacture the yellow gas pipe so if ever you want a mile or two let me know ; )

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    how long did it take to machine in total ??
    great job the quality was briliant i was shocked when you put it up to the light i have seen a few on youtube
    but nothing to this standard

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    Hi Scott

    Around 17hrs but with it being my first attempt I had a low feedrate,I think I could get this down to about 4 to 5 hrs for this size.

    I may try the same code again with a much higher feedrate then compare the two.

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    I have been looking at these lithopanes with interest for a while, really liked the idea of machining on a cylinder. But seeing this piece of yours is excellent, great job.

    Looks just the ticket for when I get my machine finished.

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    Quote Originally Posted by audioandy View Post

    We manufacture the yellow gas pipe so if ever you want a mile or two let me know ; )
    You work at that place on the left going south on the M1 just before the A38 ?
    John S -

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    I did a Lithopane on my CNC Router (Before I converted it to Plasma )
    I used some white translucent plastic and it came out brilliant
    Sorry, can't remember what the material was......


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