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    talk about belief in your product ...
    Tim G-C

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  2. wow... that is impressive.... but no way would i do that!

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    Wow .... If that was me I would have total faith in my idea, and would do all the sausage tests ok .... but then forget to press the safety reset button when filming the final test

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    Wow, best video I've seen this year. When HSE see that I can see it becoming another mandatory requirement for machinery.

    Would have been good on the bandsaw that grabbed the top off an unfortunate forum member's finger recently. . . .
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    Quote Originally Posted by routercnc View Post
    Would have been good on the bandsaw that grabbed the top off an unfortunate forum member's finger recently. . . .
    I just checked, the afore mentioned finger tip is still a healthy pink so it looks like I've got away with it

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    Lol Robin.

    I dont know, i think i would have liked to see him push his finger into the blade abit more before i bet my digits on it.

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    Not for me seeing as the device relies on detecting a current from the finger to the saw blade and with all the strange things electricity does that I have seen - no way!
    What hope for a finger 5 years and no maintenance later ..... ?
    For me just slow down, hands well away and a sharp blade, now drilling machines ... thats another story, you know the one, just drill it quick dont need to clamp... oops weres the bandage!!!


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    that man must have bs of steel
    could have done with one for my router a few years back when it decided to have lunch on my finger lol

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    The problem as I see is that when it fires it wrecks itself and the blade. Damp piece of wood, kapow? How many misfires before it gets switched permanently off? Maybe it doesn't misfire and I am overly suspicious :naughty:

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    Hi Robin
    I'd wondered about that. This, from his FAQ:
    8. Can I use a SawStop saw in a humid environment?
    SawStop saws work fine in humid environments and they cut most wet wood without a problem. However, if the wood is very green or wet (for example, wet enough to spray a mist when cutting), or if the wood is both wet and pressure treated, then the wood may be sufficiently conductive to trigger the brake. Accordingly, the best practice is to dry wet or green wood before cutting by standing it inside and apart from other wood for about one day. You can also cut wet pressure treated wood and other conductive material by placing the saw in bypass mode.
    I remember seeing this on the web when he was just releasing news of its development. He's an interesting man -- Ph.D in physics (protein folding theory), patent lawyer, ardent woodworker.
    Awesome kit.


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