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    Absolutely amazing stuff, great post.

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    will it stop all blades as my one cuts alloys???
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    There is a little more to this story than you think.

    As mentioned before about HSE.

    The chappie with the finger has spent millions of his own bucks going thru the law courts attempting to get it fitted to all new machinery by law (the nanny state).

    So he will sell a $60 part every time one goes off.

    I too would be willing to sacrifice a bit of skin off my finger tip for the expected returns in megabucks.

    There has been large debates on other sites about this item, and it all boils down to idiots need the protection, but anyone with a mediocum of common sense doesn't, and is he doing it for the sake of mankind's fingers or filling his own pockets?

    Maybe all new machines will have to be fitted with this sort of device, in which case, I think the sales of new machines will plummet.

    My personal view is you should be able to have a personal choice if you want it fitted, or not.

    Now to get the debate going, what are your thoughts about being forced to have something you don't want, or are you quite willing to have something like this made compulsary?


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    I hate anything to do with the erosion of personal choice ... the guy obviously is thinking money but I only posted the thing as an interesting bit of technology ...
    Tim G-C

    I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

    (attrib. Voltaire but written by Evelyn Beatrice Hall "The Friends of Voltaire" 1906)

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    I have a useful collection of springs removed from lathe chuck keys over the years

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    I wasn't getting on at you for posting it at all, it is a good piece of technology.

    I was just trying to show people that there is another side to all the hype he is going through, and maybe the reason why he is so eager to prove it works.


  7. history shows that true altruism is a rare beast (with the possible exception of Tim Berners-Lee who made nothing from the 'Web', but got a knighthood eventually)

    I have to agree that while regulation is a good thing in moderation, there comes a point where people have to be left to make their own choices (I am a great believer in Darwinism!) and if they are too stupid to get it right, well thats life as they say! How far do you need to go to protect the idiots against themselves at the expense of the sensibly minded?

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    Having heard about this video from a colleague who saw it via link at some other site I am glad now to have seen it for myself, but I think we need to remember this is a device from USA where they use "dado"cutting blades on table saws and think it is safe to stand in front of a wobbly blade running at ****rpm !! also in the USA table saws are not fitted with blade gaurds and only recently have they considered it ok to fit riving knives to their saws, over here (UK) it is mandatory, as is recognised training to use such saws in the work place, but as for the DIY'er then I think that a bit of commonsense and self preservation are the best way to prevent accidents when using machines.

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    I thought the riving blade was to stop the wood binding on the back end of the blade and lifting off the table.

    Maybe Yankee timber doesn't bind :naughty:

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