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    Hello all,
    I am selling my usb smooth stepper purchased in April 2009. Since purchase its had minimal use, (I would guess around 30 - 40 hours). For a lot of its life it was on the shelf while I put the mill together. Its been housed in my control case so its been protected from swarf / dust etc.

    For those of you that have never heard of Smooth Stepper its a small USB board that replaces the parallel port, and it works with Mach 3 via a plug in.


    Comes with pin header to parallel port breakout cable, meaning you can use your old parallel port breakout boards, and usb cable.

    I'm asking 70 which is about half of what you'll pay to bring one into the UK once you've paid import duties and VAT.

    Sale is due to purchase of a Galil controller.

    Anyone interested let me know... It will go on ebay if no one is interested, or I can put it on ebay if you are not comfortable buying direct.


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    PM sent..............................

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    As Andy said, "Consider it sold".

    Thanks for looking everyone!


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